TRIM® E850 – Premium Emulsion, 54 Gallon – Master Fluid Solutions

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TRIM® E850 is a proprietary blend of new 'green' vegetable-based technology and premium traditional lubricity additives to yield a very high-performance, easy-to-maintain metal removal fluid. This premium emulsion is operator friendly because of its mild contact nature and low chemical initial-charge odor. E850 is robust enough to deliver extended useful life and avoid rancid odors normally associated with traditional emulsions. The unparalleled physical lubricity delivers exceptional surface finish on difficult-to-machine aluminum alloys, exotics, stainless, and high-tensile strength steels.
  • Delivers unparalleled lubricity
  • Very long sump life and low carryoff rates result in low operating cost
  • Low product odor
  • Mild operator contact properties
  • Provides superior results in a wide range of operations
  • Excellent corrosion resistance on both nonferrous and ferrous materials
  • Superior wetting and penetration to the point of cut
  • Soft fluid film protects ways, chucks, and tool holders
  • Easily removed from parts for easy cleanup before assembly, painting, or plating operations
  • High performance without the use of chlorinated paraffins

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