TRIM® C320 – High-lubricity Synthetic METALWORKING FLUIDS, 5 Gallon – Master Fluid Solutions

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TRIM® C320 is a high lubricity, low foam, synthetic coolant that approaches the 'down-the-hole' machining performance of premium soluble oils. This product is exceptionally good on aluminum. Even with its very high performance, C320 meets or exceeds most stringent environmental standards.
  • Excellent extreme pressure (EP) lubricity to do many drilling, tapping, reaming, and form-grinding operations without any chlorine or sulfur-based EP additives
  • A very versatile product which works well in mixed metal situations including aluminum, steel alloy, cast iron, and copper alloy
  • Provides good corrosion inhibition on all common ferrous and nonferrous alloys
  • Keeps grinding wheels clean and sharp for higher 'G ratios', better surface integrity, and faster stock removal
  • Contains no DEA, nitrides, phenolic compounds, 'formaldehyde releasers', or chlorine
  • Operators like C320's very low odor, low foam, low mist, and light yellow working solution
  • Keeps your machines clean while leaving a soft fluid film that protects the bare metal parts
  • Machines are easily washed off with coolant working solution to minimize the buildup of residues and chips
  • Exceptional sump life, great resistance to fungus and bacteria, and good tramp oil rejection
  • C320 is a super product for aluminum wheel machining
Used in applications needing: High-lubricity Synthetic

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