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FEATURES / Advanced Semi-Synthetic Coolant / No Nitrites, Phenols, Heavy Metals / Formaldehyde-Free to Comply With Health and Safety Regulations / Low Foaming up to 3,000 PSI / Highly Detergent Solutions / Non-Misting Formulation / Rejects Tramp Oil & Settles Fines / Reduces Build-Up of Cast Iron Smut / Residual Film is Non-Sticky / Effectively Inhibits Corrosion & Rust / Engineered for Central Systems DESCRIPTION International Compound 2683 is a technologically-advanced semi-synthetic, heavyduty, highly detergent and water-soluble coolant that is engineered for machining and grinding operations utilizing both ferrous and non-ferrous metals including automotive grades of cast aluminum. International Compound 2683 is specially-formulated with synthetic lubricants, potent corrosion inhibitors, advanced polymers and effective detergents to achieve optimum lubricity and metal-removal capabilities, as well as excellent and prolonged tool life, and superior corrosion protection. Highly detergent and transparent solutions remain fresh and clean for extended sump life.

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