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FEATURES / Full-Synthetic Grinding Coolant / Nitrite-Free & Ultra-Low-Chloride / Highly Detergent Formulation / Stable & Transparent Solutions / Excellent Hydrostatic Test Fluid / Perfect for Ferrous Metals / Formulated for Hard Water / Low-Foaming at All Temperatures / Excellent Rust Protection / Superior Wetting Properties / Superior Cooling Properties / Maintains Clean and Free Cutting and Grinding Wheels / Protective Film is Dry-to-the-Touch / Protective Film is Paintable DESCRIPTION International Compound 125 is a full-synthetic, nitrite-free and water-soluble coolant that is engineered for general purpose grinding operations utilizing metals such as grey iron castings, carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium and nickel alloys. It is formulated specifically for applications that have low-chloride-level restrictions. International Compound 125 is also highly recommended for use as a water-soluble synthetic coolant for machining cast iron. The extremely detergent and transparent solutions are easily removed in immersion and power spray equipment utilizing mild alkaline cleaners. If left un-rinsed, residual films provide excellent short- to medium-term corrosion protection. The residual film is also paintable.

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