Convenient, ready-to-use disposable wipes for many applications!

The complete SCRUBS brand family includes over 22 professional-strength formulations for specific industrial, institutional and food service cleaning needs as well as disposable pre-wet wipes for a variety of applications.

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The popular SCRUBS Hand Cleaner Towels combine advanced cleaning formulas with strong, dual-textured towels that loosen and dissolve industrial soil while leaving hands clean, with no sticky residue and no rinsing required. Additional Scrubs Brand products and wipes include sanitizers, disinfectants, and deodorizers, as well as polishing wipes for metal and stainless steel. Check out sunscreen wipes and degreaser towels too!

Our top Scrubs products include:

  • Hand Cleaner Towels: Hand Cleaner Towels combine an advanced cleaning formula with a strong, dual-textured towel to thoroughly clean hands and surfaces ANYWHERE, ANYPLACE, ANYTIME!
  • Green Cleaning Wipes – Green Cleaning Wipes were developed with the concept that being proactive in the ecological movement doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the effectiveness of your cleaning products.
  • Hand Sanitizer Wipes – Hand Sanitizer Wipes combine a highly effective skin sanitizing formula and an abrasive, nonscratching towel for a one-step sanitizing system.

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