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Rustlick is committed to staying on the forefront of technical advancements with their high performance metalworking fluids and innovative products that improve customer productivity and profitability.

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The Rustlick product line consists of a variety of eco-friendly cutting and grinding fluids designed to lubricate and cool. Rustlick coolants are known for long sump life, advanced bioresistance and heavy-duty formulations that reduce coolant use and cut costs. Rustlick also offers dielectric fluids, rust preventatives, sump-side additives and coolant maintenance equipment.

Our top Rustlick products include:

  • WS-5050 – Our long-time best seller and all-around great performer. Suited for all types of machining, this fluid can be used on all metals except titanium.
  • WS-500A – Designed with a proprietary extreme pressure (EP) additive, WS-500A is excellent for machining titanium, Inconel X, Aluminum, Rene 41, stainless steel, and other metals.
  • G-25B – G-25B is a quality synthetic metalworking fluid formulated for Blanchard grinding.

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