Advanced metal working fluids, lubricants, and equipment.

Accu-Lube offers a complete line of natural based metalworking lubricants for micro-lubrication cutting & grinding along with patented Minimum Quantity (MQL) applicator systems for Near-Dry Machining.

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When compared to traditional soluble oil mixtures, Accu-Lube lubricants offer a substantial increase in lubricity which reduces the friction that arises during the machining process. When there is no heat build-up tools last longer and part finish is improved.

Our top Accu-Lube products include:

  • LB2000 – Superior, moderate to heavy-duty minimum quantity lubricant for general purpose near-dry machining.
  • Push Up Lubricant -Lubricating stick for rotating or stationary cutting tools, grinding wheels and belts. Reduces heat build-up in belt, disc and wheel grinding applications.
  • Power Stamp III – A superior, heavy-duty minimum quantity lubricant with anti-wear and non-chlorinated extreme pressure additives for near-dry metalworking.

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